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If you are familiar with West Virginia, you likely know our beautiful state park, North Bend. Tad enjoys riding his horses along the 72-mile trail that runs along the historical B&O railroad, while Marc enjoys biking along it. The trail is named for the horseshoe curve of the North fork of the Hughes river. It is also known for the sharp bend in the river forming the three sides of the park boundary. This is a place to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and make memories with family and friends—possibly finding your true north. The fork in the river can represent the forks in the road of life that we all face. Throughout life, you try to follow along the straight path, knowing what is in front of you—like the path of the historic B&O railroad—but sometimes you come upon a fork in your path and have to change your course. North Bend Wealth Management is here to guide you along the straight path and the forks that come unexpectedly in your path through life.

For our entire career, we have had a passion for doing the right thing and helping our clients when they hit that fork in the road. North Bend represents both the straight path and the change of course. That symbolism, right here in our own backyard, really resonated with us.

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