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Random Kindness is the Best Kind

March 10, 2022

Random acts of kindness are just that, random. But, in the hustle and bustle of life, oftentimes these simple actions are pushed to the back burner. However, everyone—from mere strangers to family members—could greatly benefit from a little compassion. Use these simple ideas to make someone’s day a little brighter!

  • Compliment someone for his or her hard work.
  • Feed someone’s parking meter.
  • Donate your talents.
  • Help someone load his or her car with groceries.
  • Sit with someone who is alone.
  • Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.
  • Leave a waitperson a large tip with an encouraging note.
  • Reconnect with someone whom you’ve lost touch with.
  • Tell a family member how much you appreciate him or her.
  • Send a handwritten letter instead of a text message.
  • Make a family member breakfast in bed.
  • Volunteer at a local charity.
  • Plant flowers in a local park.
  • Hold the elevator for someone.
  • Pay off someone’s layaway at a department store.
  • Pick up litter off of the street.
  • Stop to talk to a homeless person.
  • Pay for the coffee for the person behind you.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Say thank you to a janitor.

Strive to take the initiative and aim to make more random acts of kindness throughout your daily life.

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