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Celebrating Public Servants on United Nations Public Service Day

June 23, 2023

United Nations Public Service Day takes place on June 23 and is the perfect time to recognize and celebrate the country's public servants. Adopted as a resolution in 2002 by the General Assembly, Public Service Day was created as a way to honor the value and virtue of those who perform public service to the community.1 It is also a time to promote employment in the public service field. 

Without the help of those in public service, the day-to-day life of citizens may have been vastly different. Show public servants your appreciation by following some of the celebration tips listed below.

Say Thank You

A “thank you” goes a long way toward making someone feel appreciated. Quite often, the efforts of public servants go unnoticed. If you see a public servant or know one, make sure to give them a quick thank you for all the hard work they do. Show appreciation to any public servant you encounter this day and any day.2

Organize a Celebration

Consider hosting or organizing a celebration for public workers in your area as recognition of the work they do in your community. Invite community members, leaders, and public servants in the area to your event. Even a simple community barbeque to honor your public service workers may go a long way to making them feel appreciated. Ask others in the community to contribute.2

Spread the Word on Social Media

Encourage others to show support for public service workers by making a thank-you post on your social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Encourage others to share it. With enough shares, public workers may see how much their work and dedication benefit their community and how appreciated they are.2

Attend a Public Service Worker Award Ceremony

There are various award ceremonies geared to recognize the hard work of public servants in many areas. Consider attending an awards event, or better yet, volunteer to help if the event is looking for workers.2

Donate to Groups that Support Public Service Workers

Find places to financially support public service workers through donations. These donations help provide services and support for public servants at various levels.2

Help a Public Service Worker

If you are friends or neighbors with a public service worker, Public Service Day is the perfect time to pitch in and lend them a helping hand. Help them out with yard work, offer to pet or babysit, or bring them a meal. Anything you are able to do may provide them with a break to take care of other things important to them.

Public servants are the backbone of the community and the people responsible for making the public's daily life run smoothly. Let them know that you value their hard work and efforts by showing them gratitude in some way on this United Nations Public Service Day.


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